2009 Route Completed

The map above is of "year one" of the around-the-world trip, from July to October, 2009.  The trip began in Kamloops, BC and proceeded up the Cassiar Highway to the Yukon, then over Top of the World to Chicken, Alaska.  Pulling myself away from Chicken, I then continued north through Fairbanks and up to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. Turning south, (the only way to go!!) I then headed down to southern Alaska, then back into Canada via the Alaska Highway, and headed to Jasper and Banff parks.  The eastbound track across the US wandered down the Rockies  through Glacier National Park and Pike's Peak before hitting the prairies and eventually the US midwest via the old National Highway.  Heading north back into Canada, I did a lap around northern Nova Scotia on the Cabot Trail, then took the ferry to western Newfoundland and Gros Morne National Park.  A quick trip east to St. Johns was followed by another long ferry ride back to Nova Scotia, and then by the long road south through the Appalachian Mountains via the Blueridge Parkway. The most disappointing part of the trip was the grunt down the west side of Florida. Escaping Florida, I then headed along a southern route to the southwest US... one of the world's great places to ride, before turning north through the Pacific Northwest towards home.  Geez, that was such a great trip, maybe I should do it again!

As for the map, it is fully zoomable and moveable.  The layers pulldown in the upper right allows you to display several versions of the base map and toggles on the nightly stops as well.   Nightly stops are marked with green tents for camps, with beds for motels or other roofs over my head such as stays with friends or family  and with boats for nights on ferries. Clicking on a point gives the location and day.  The track file can be downloaded and viewed in GoogleEarth.  Be sure to toggle it on (in the left-hand "Places" column of GoogleEarth) if it doesn't display right away.

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